Vpoket ’punahoyvkēts! (Let’s sit and talk!)

In August 2015, the Seminole Nation’s Pumvhakv School began conducting video interviews of fluent Seminole and Muskogee (Creek) speakers. The project will continue until the summer of 2017.

Staff and teachers at Pumvhakv School have been identifying elders to interview. Michael McCarty of Norman will shoot and edit the videos. Jack Martin at the College of William and Mary has been assisting with transcription and grant writing. Students enrolled in Bacone College’s Center for Tribal Languages have been working with teachers to add subtitles to the videos. IMG_6034ed4

In the summer of 2016, these same students attended the CoLang Institute at the University of Alaska to learn more about language technology.

This is a collaborative project involving many individuals and institutions. We would like to give a big mvto (shout out) to the following:

Ashley Bear, Linda Sulphur Bear, Leon Bell, Ryan Budnick, Jonas Burgess, Velma Coker, Assistant Chief Ella Colman, Linda Ellis, Elouise Factor, Paul Fixico, Sarah Fredrick, Melanie Frye, Chief Jerry Haney, Jerry Lee Harjo, Chief Leonard Harjo, Liza Harjo, Richard Harjo, Juanita Harris, Inna Ann Hickey, Alex Hicks, Yvonne Holata, Jennifer Johnson, Senora Lumpkin, Sarah Martin, Deanna Mauldin, Jeremiah Maylen, Gloria McCarty, J. Michael McCarty, Juanita McGirt, Joanna Palmer Morris, Dorsey Nero, Rosetta Pebworth, Delaney Pennock, Kevin Roberts-Fields, De Lois Roulston, Eddie Screechowl, Frank Sewell, Wayne Shaw, Robin Soweka, Lucy Tiger, Redmond Wolf, Sr.

Support came from the NSF-NEH Documenting Endangered Languages Program, with funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities.NEH logo

We received additional support from Pumvhakv School and the College of William and Mary.

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All video interviews and associated transcripts on this site are copyrighted by the principal in the video and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommerical-ShareAlike 3.0 US License.